If you use SharePoint to collaborate, you need CaseFolder.

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Give your team the collaborative work environment they need to be successful.

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With CaseFolder you don’t have to be an expert at SharePoint to manage work successfully.

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Manage all the details of your casework in a single folder; data, document, emails and tasks all in one convenient location.

What makes CaseFolder so different? 

CaseFolder is a revolutionary SharePoint webpart that instantly turns every item in your SharePoint list into a rich folder capable of holding, in one place, all the threads of the collaborative conversation you have with your team and the related files about that topic.

Tens of thousands of users in the Federal Government have used our proprietary case management tools to collaborate like this for over twenty years.

But how can you do this right in your own SharePoint sites without an expensive custom development effort? The answer is to install CaseFolder in your SharePoint environment.

We know how difficult it can be to find the information you need.

We’ve sat with users as they wasted two or more hours each day searching and painfully struggling to navigate endless SharePoint lists of files or archived Outlook emails to locate the one item they needed.

That’s why we built tools to help eliminate these challenges. When you eliminate the need to search, you can increase your team’s adoption of your collaboration tools which will improve your team’s productivity, meaning you’ll hit more of your goals, and your team will experience greater fulfillment and work satisfaction.

The breakthrough you will see the moment you start using CaseFolder is made possible by leveraging the tools that are already native to SharePoint. This means you can leverage your existing investment in SharePoint without needing to buy and integrate new, expensive, third-party software packages.


Turn any Sharepoint item into a case folder when you install CaseFolder for SharePoint.

Then, you can use this rich case folder as the central location for all files, task assignments, emails, messaging and more.

When you have a new request to fulfill or a case to work, you can simply create a new case folder and begin uploading files or sending tasks to your teammates.


Assemble teams around case folders so those who need to be “in the loop” are aware of all recent activity. This allows you to get the right team members focused on the tasks that matter and it means you eliminate unnecessary emails, alerts, and updates for those who don’t need these costly interruptions.

Your team’s productivity will improve and their inboxes will not be so full.


Author, edit, and review with your team no matter where they are. CaseFolder leverages the features of SharePoint and the Office 365 suite which means you can have multiple members of your team working in the same documents, spreadsheets, and slide decks at the same time.

The updates are real-time, so no matter where your team members are located, it will feel like they are in the same conference room working on the same whiteboard.


Send notes and task assignments from Sharepoint and seamlessly alert your team members through email. All your communication and instructions will be captured in your CaseFolder.

Unlike other software applications that require you to drag and drop and categorize emails after the fact, we have designed CaseFolder to capture communication as it occurs.

This robust messaging platform means you can communicate right from CaseFolder inside SharePoint and you never have to risk forgetting to save or categorize your emails to the right folder.

Improve Your SharePoint Collaboration Productivity

Help your team to fulfill their mission while doing meaningful work and save several hours per person per day when your work is organized effectively. CaseFolder for SharePoint provides that essential organization which reduces employee learning curves and improves user adoption.

It gives you, the leader, transparency into the status of every case your team is working on which means you can more easily remove obstacles, manage work loads, and keep your own leaders updated on your successes.

Sign up for a demo of CaseFolder with the SSI team today. Why? Because, right now, someone on your team is searching for a file or an email that they need but it is buried deep in a list in your SharePoint site or Outlook archives.

CaseFolder for Sharepoint

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If collaboration is reducing your team’s productivity, you need CaseFolder.

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